MicroBotanics hand sanitizer is an all-natural, 100% plant-derived, non-toxic disinfectant designed to kill bacteria and viruses that is safe and moisturizing.

Available in a 70% ethanol formula with aloe, lemon, and lavender essential oils that have been used for their sanitizing properties for thousands of years. In addition, three naturally-derived moisturizers have been added for daily use without skin drying and cracking that is common to other brands.

MicroBotanics was founded by a plant biologist that wants to help do something about the spread of the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Dr. Meuser was upset that sanitizers, one of our only defenses, were sold-out across America and worse, some people were hoarding everything in supermarkets only to resell at crazy prices. In desperation, people have been making hand sanitizers at home with unsafe rubbing alcohol or alcohol like Vodka with concentrations too low to effectively kill germs.

Dr. Meuser realized he could microbrew a 70% ethyl alcohol replacement, while making a product without all the unnatural ingredients used in store-bought hand sanitizers. MicroBotanics is made with just 6 botanical ingredients. And even at small-scale, he wouldn’t need to sell our hand sanitizer at the crazy prices people are paying on Amazon to resellers. Most importantly, by working fast he could get it into people’s hands even faster than the major producers.

MicroBotanics hand sanitizer is sold online in 6-pack bottles, enough to last one person a few weeks of daily use. Because we are making the product is small-batches with a pop-up production facility, our hand sanitizer costs us more to produce than the mass-produced alternative, but still within a price range that most people can afford. Our 6-pack of 8 oz. bottles is available for $50 + shipping. Our hand sanitizer is not a replacement for 20 sec of hand washing, but to supplement your defense against disease, we suggest using it anytime when in or returning to necessary public spaces and interactions. Stay safe everyone!